CPD Overview

Outlines the importance of properly selecting an air distribution system for a particular space and its impact upon the comfort of end users and occupants

Next Webinar: 30th May 2018

CPD Content

  • Function of the air distribution system
  • Importance of grille and diffuser selection
  • Design guidance
  • Impact on comfort and other effects
  • Air distribution methods
  • Sizing product examples
  • Modes of room air supply
  • Maintaining clean air conditions

CPD Benefits

Attendees will be educated on the importance of properly selecting an air distribution system and the differences this can make to the comfort and well-being of a building’s occupants.

It will explain the differences in room requirements and what product to use where, when and why. For consultants, building service engineers and architects, having a thorough understanding of air distribution systems will aid the design of a particular project and ensure a building is equipped with adequate, controlled air movement that can cater to a variety of applications.

The seminar will emphasise the importance that the correct air distribution system has on a building and the end users and the benefit of incorporating this into a project’s designs as early as possible.