At Swegon, we are ready for Building Information Modelling (BIM), offering a wide selection of BIM objects that are free to download and use from our websites.

As UK market leaders in Air Distribution, Fire and Smoke Control and Natural Ventilation, we understand the importance of keeping up-to-date with the latest advancements in the industry, particularly where collaboration and partnership are concerned.

BIM is a process for managing the information produced during a construction project, in a common format, from the earliest feasibility stage through design, construction. Operation and finally demolition, in order to make the best and most efficient use of that information.

From January 2016 it was made mandatory in the UK that all public building construction projects are to supply BIM objects for all products used.

What is BIM?

Why BIM?

The use of BIM will allow for better internal management of technical data, integration of multiple data sources into one place.

Allowing for virtual designs to be created in three dimensions before work proceeds on site. All building elements can be found in a model and any ”‘spatial” clashes can be identified and resolved in the model instead of on site.

Swegon BIM objects

Our 3D product models each contain key product data defining the products physical characteristics, materials and properties. Each model includes data which gives the object a recognisable appearance and behavioural data which enables the object to be positioned or behave exactly as the product itself would in reality.