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Dampers, Controls, Fancoils.

Three decades of the highest quality manufacture have proven that actionair dampers save lives.

As market leaders in Fire, Smoke and Air Control products, protecting lives is where our people prove their worth. Here at actionair our task of saving lives is treated as no small challenge. We are proud that due to our commitment in testing and quality we are seen as the number one supplier of fire/smoke dampers and controls.

It is all too easy to think of HVAC systems as only being found in major buildings whether residential, business or industrial. Most, if not all of these projects, provide actionair with ample opportunity to demonstrate the significance of our innovative and proven product ranges. However, it’s also our appliance over four decades in arduous, technically complex tunnelling applications on land and at sea where we face the greatest challenges. For here more than anywhere proves the true worth and ultimate value of the research and testing on which our continuing success is entirely dependent.

Certified life safety.

Such is our diligence at every stage from initial concept to final commissioning that the best part of everything we design and manufacture routinely exceeds the most stringent life-saving legislation in Europe.

Innovative yet proven.

Protecting lives through innovative yet proven solutions is the ultimate motivation behind our ongoing research, development and testing programmes.

Saving Lives.

Our preliminary task is to protect buildings but our ultimate task is to save lives - an engineering challenge that Actionair dampers achieve time and time again.