Manufacturers of fire and smoke dampers and accompanying damper control systems for more than 40 years. Since establishing in 1974, the business has gone from strength to strength. We have become the market leading manufacturer of fire dampers and controls in the UK. Our products have been used in numerous prestigious projects over the years. The high quality of our engineering and manufacturing prove that Actionair dampers save lives.


Stands out from other louvre manufacturers due to the competence in coordinating every element of a project: from helping to create initial and conceptual designs through to manufacture; supply; install and final commissioning. For almost sixty years, the business has continued to develop and expand its high level of expertise and product range, which now spans glass and metal louvres, natural and smoke ventilation systems and sunscreens.

Air Diffusion

Specialists in a variety of grilles and diffusers that cater to a range of specifications and applications. We have been designing creative air solutions for almost forty years. We make it a priority to ensure the correct product is selected for a particular application, the needs of the internal space, and its occupants. Our portfolio is not only wide ranging, but also distinguished by a reputation for quality, price and application.


Focus on air filtration products, designed to provide an internal space with the cleanest air possible. The product range expands from fan fi lter units and control systems used in clean rooms, to electrostatic precipitators used to remove odour and grease from restaurants and other oily environments. Over the years, our respected brand has built up several longstanding, trusted and secure partnerships due to the reliable, high-quality and innovative products and services we provide.