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Flowbar Manual


Install Plasterboard

Figure 1: Plasterboard Installation (Border 22 ONLY)

Figure 1: Plasterboard Installation (Border 22 ONLY)

  • Slide the plasterboard tightly between the mounting clips and the FlowBar Flange as shown in Figure 1. For ease of installation, insert the tapered edge of the plasterboard into this opening. For the best fit, slide the edge of the plasterboard all the way to the vertical leg of the frame.
  • Every 300mm and between the Hard Ceiling. Clips attached screws just beside the Diffuser Flange, through the plasterboard and into the Framing Member.
  • For Border 55 only, before installing the plasterboards the leading edge must be trimmed at a 45˚ angle to match the Diffuser as shown in Figure 2.

Review Installation

Figure 2: Plasterboard Preparation (Border 55 ONLY)

Figure 2: Plasterboard Preparation

(Border 55 ONLY)

Before continuing it is recommended that the installer confirms that:

  • The FlowBar Diffuser is secure and straight.
  • Do not run the HVAC system during the finishing procedures. This could cause premature drying of the compounds, making them more prone to cracking.

Finish the Surface - (Borders 22 & 55 ONLY)

Summary of Border Type 22 Installation

Summary of Border Type 22 Installation

Remove dust from finishing surface followings sanding with a tacky cloth. Or clean with a mild cleaner/degreaser.

  • Apply first coat of setting compound onto the diffusers finishing flange and onto the plasterboard 75mm. Use a proprietary setting type compound.
  • Embed a 100mm wide mesh or paper tape into the first coat of setting compound. Smooth to remove air pockets. The tape should cover the aluminium rail, but not extend over the raised lip on the rail. Apply second coat of setting compound over the tape and smooth.
  • After compound has dried, apply two coats of standard finishing compound and let dry. Sand smooth, prime and paint as scheduled.