Guide to good practice, for the installation of fire and smoke dampers. The DW145 guide is intended to highlight and clarify the important aspects of fire and smoke barrier/ damper installation, including the responsibilities of all parties involved in the overall sequence from system specification through to a compliant installation. Emphasis is placed on the need for all parties to work as a team by recognising not only their individual responsibilities, but also those of all other parties in achieving this goal.

The guidance only relates to the installation of fire dampers and leakage rated fire smoke dampers as used in ventilation systems to maintain fire compartments and/or protect means of escape from buildings and does not cover the installation of powered smoke control dampers.

The importance of installing damper arrangements that have been selected/specified by the system designer and that have been successfully fire tested by an independent body on behalf of the damper manufacturer is emphasised throughout the guide.

Communication between team members and the need for consistency in both design and approach are key factors in achieving a compliant design. The guide recommends that check lists are utilised and adapted to suit the specific requirements of an individual project. Typical check sheet are included in appendix E of the guide and we have developed check lists for inspection and handover (E3 in the guide) specifically for our dampers.

DW145 Inspection & Handover Check Sheet

The installer must complete this installation certificate when installing fire and smoke dampers. A separate certificate must be completed for each individual fire and smoke damper.

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