Safety Warnings

Always observe the following safety precautions

2.1. Only connect to an earthed supply - This unit is Class 1 construction and must be earthed!

2.2. Connect only to a power supply with a voltage corresponding to that on the rating plate.

2.3. Always disconnect the equipment from the mains and ancillary units before removing covers.

2.4. The equipment is heavy; use lifting aids.

2.5. This equipment is for use indoors in moderate climates only. NEVER use the equipment in damp or wet conditions.

2.6. Avoid excessive heat, humidity, dust & vibration.

2.7. Do not switch the unit on when it may be subjected to dripping or splashing liquids on components not designed for that environment.

2.8. Always use the mains lead supplied.

2.9. Before replacing a fuse Disconnect the equipment from the mains supply.

2.10. Ensure that the mains IEC socket is easily accessible to allow the unit to be isolated.

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