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Naco 50S Standard Metal Louvre BIM Object

Naco 50S Standard Metal Louvre BIM Object
Model Information
Model 50S Series Louvre
Uniclass Code Pr_30_59_48_97
Omniclass Code
Revision 1
Software Revit 2015
Last Update 30/6/16
Size (KB) 934


Document Information

Fixed blade external louvres with 50mm blade spacing. Continuous line standard construction. 

Our design team can match your requirements in louvre style, finish and colour and enable you to create a pleasing architectural, feature as well as a practical ventilation design.

Our 3D product models each contain key product data defining the products physical characteristics, materials and properties. Each model includes data which gives the object a recognisable appearance and behavioural data which enables the object to be positioned or behave exactly as the product itself would in reality.

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