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The 'Hole' Truth

This CPD outlines the process of selecting and sighting louvres, emphasising on their performance within the overall building envelope. 

Benefits to User & Business

This seminar has been accredited by the  Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE) as being of significant technical merit to enhance the competence of practicing engineers. In addition it is also aimed at architects, contractors, local authorities and all those with the ability to influence the design, layout and provision of safe and comfortable indoor environments. 

The louvre is an integral part of any ventilation strategy, hence it requires careful selection particularly in a naturally ventilated building, therefore it is important to understand how to select the right product. 

• Saves time, money, remedial work and disruption (particularly in schools) further down the line 

• Get the right product in the right place first time around

• Avoid ‘over’ specifying eg: larger than necessary louvre screens or high performance louvres that are not required or conversely not using high performance louvres where they really are required.

CPD Content

• Guidance on selecting & sighting a louvre 

• How louvres work

• Performance testing of louvres

• Classification of louvres

• Noise reduction

• Wind effects

• Security

• Sizing of louvres & sizing risks

• Purpose provided openings

• Aerodynamic performance

• Functions of the building envelope

• Ventilation openings in the building envelope

• Energy efficiency & the building envelope

• Designing for air tightness

• Designing for indoor air quality

• Common factors in ventilation systems

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