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Air Distribution Technology.

This CPD is based on giving everybody an understanding of how air distribution affects the individuals within a room, how it works and what are the comfort requirements.

Benefits to User & Business

Discuss and go through the range of product types which will give the performance you are looking for. Air ventilation systems provide adequate, controlled air movement at the specified conditions in a treated space. The selection of air terminal devices is therefore a paramount importance.

A great deal of money is invested in the system products involved to heat and cool buildings, sometimes little thought is put into the grilles and diffusers used or at the last stage somebody will put in the cheapest product without understanding the effect this has on the whole system, this CPD will explain the impact this has.

This will be of benefit to building service engineers and architects who are looking to understand the impact of getting the correct air distribution product for the right application. By discussing the best practice early in the design stage it will help assist in obtaining a satisfactory air distribution system.

CPD Content

• Function of air terminal devices

• Grille selection importance

• Where to go for design guidance

• Design considerations to take

• How to supply comfortable conditions

• Effect of system design

• Room air distribution methods

• Room layout examples

• Grille fixing guidance

• Accurate heating & cooling loads

• Modes of room air supply

• Air flow distribution systems

• Moving air through ductwork

• Noise generation characteristics

• Maintaining clean air conditions

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