Airfiltrera provide reliable, state-of-the-art fan filter units to leading manufacturer of cleanroom systems

An ISO 5 cleanroom can be up to 50 times more energy intensive than a standard room because of the several hundred air changes required per hour. Since their initial introduction in the 1980’s, Fan Filter Units have proven a popular choice for cleanrooms.

Airfiltrera’s Envirco® MAC 10® Fan Filter Units offer a green, cost-effective solution for the air filtration needs of a cleanroom.

Longstanding relationship

Schilling Engineering, a leading manufacturer of cleanroom systems, has used Envirco® products for over 17 years on numerous demanding and prestigious projects. The trusted and secure partnership has developed due to the reliable, high-quality and innovative products and services Airfiltrera offers its partners.

Simple, effective and reliable

Throughout this period, Airfiltrera has supplied Schilling with thousands of MAC 10® Fan Filter Units from the Envirco® range as a standard product, often with bespoke elements. The MAC 10® family of Fan Filter Units offers a low capital cost, low noise filtration solution which is easy to service and maintain.

They work through directed air currents removing even the tiniest of particles from the room environment. Innovative air circulation and return air guidance inside Schilling cleanrooms ensures precise cleanroom rinse and high energy efficiency, allowing the already filtered and cooled air to be fed back into the cycle of air exchange. The technology is undeniably simple to install and operate, making it an obvious choice when developing a cleanroom system.

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Who are Schilling Engineering?

Schilling Engineering builds cleanrooms for a wide range of industrial applications, from medical device manufacturing rooms to micro-electronics production facilities that demand both quality and extremely hygienic conditions from an error-free, reliable system.

The company has built cleanrooms for large, international companies that invest in the latest technologies to meet increasing demands from customers.

The investment in high-quality, safe, energy-saving cleanroom technology is highly important to companies in securing their position in the intensively competitive world market. As Schilling Engineering continues to invest in Airfiltrera and its Envirco® product range, the company continues to deliver on quality in their cleanroom solutions.

Customer focus - Vishay

Vishay is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic components. The production and assembly of these highly sensitive components can become impaired in their operation by even the smallest of impurities.

Vishay will only invest in state-of-the-art cleanroom facilities that can provide a virtually particle-free environment. Schilling Engineering was chosen to develop cleanroom systems for Vishay due to the strict level of hygienic standards guaranteed by Schilling’s systems. Airfiltrera’s MAC 10® Fan Filter Units meet this high standard and therefore continue to be a specified product in Schilling’s projects.

We attach great importance to quality. The cleanroom facility is already in operation and meets our high standards and our production has once again increased its quality and reliability.
— Management, Vishay - comments on the investment in Schilling Engineering and Airfiltrera