Envirco® MAC10® Fan Filter Units effectively providing air filtration to glass factory

Glass manufacturer, Schott VTF, have chosen Airfiltrera’s Envirco® MAC10® Fan Filter Units to provide high quality air filtration at its Troisfontaines site in France.

Glassworks heritage

The Troisfontaines village has a history of glassworks production dating back to 1699. The current glassworks site, established in 1848, specialises in glass manufacturing for watches and glasses. The factory joined the Schott VTF group in 1984.

Soft-wall cleanrooms required

In order to reduce the scrap percentage on the Troisfontaines factory’s silk-screening line, the site required an ISO 7 cleanroom environment. However, the layout of the factory would not allow construction of a traditional ISO 7 cleanroom. As a result, it was decided that two mobile soft-wall cleanrooms designed by Belgian cleanroom specialist O+R, would be installed above the machines.

Highly efficient FFUs fit the brief

Airfiltrera’s Envirco® MAC10® Fan Filter Units are providing high quality air filtration and conditioning to the factory. The units were chosen for their high efficiency and low energy rates. The MAC10® family of Fan Filter Units offers a low capital cost, low noise filtration solution which is easy to service and maintain. They work through directed air currents removing even the tiniest of particles from the room environment.

Innovative air circulation and return air guidance inside the soft-wall cleanrooms at the Troisfontaines site ensures precise cleanroom filtration and high energy efficiency, allowing the already filtered and cooled air to be fed back into the cycle of air exchange.

Adaptable products for every cleanroom

The technology of the MAC10® family of Fan Filter Units is undeniably simple to install and operate, making it an obvious choice when developing a cleanroom system - whether for a traditional or more unusual application, such as within the Schott VTF Troisfontaines site.

For more information on Schott VTF and its cleanroom systems, please visit www.oplusr-salle-blanche.com