Naco natural smoke ventilation system chosen for Lydstep Flats

Swegon has provided three residential blocks of flats in Cardiff with its Naco Vengen28 Double Glazed Louvre Windows, to enhance the look of the building and offer a solution to its smoke and natural ventilation needs.

Lydstep Flats was built in 1958 but has recently undergone a major refurbishment to update the building in its appearance and equip the site with necessary safety features. As a residential unit, the design of a smoke control system is critical in ensuring that smoke can escape the building as efficiently as possible in the event of a fire. It is vital that occupants can be evacuated and that smoke travelling from one floor to another is kept to a minimum.

Each floor has been fitted with two Vengen28 glass louvres and control systems, to provide the louvres with low-voltage power. The Vengen28 is constructed from high quality, thermally broken aluminium and is available in an extensive range of colours, finishes and bespoke sizes. It can be configured for multiple applications to suit a client’s exact requirements.

Swegon worked with Cardiff City Council and the project’s Main Contractor, Ian Williams Ltd, to ensure that the Naco system incorporates features that would benefit the occupants outside of the required system.  Each vent can be manually overridden to enable occupants to use the louvres for comfort ventilation. In the event of a fire, this will switch over to act as a smoke vent with control being fully automated.

The attractive and well-built design of the Vengen28 adheres to EN12101-2, a European standard that outlines vital and strict provisions for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators to meet. The Vengen28 louvre is the perfect window choice for any type of building, with the valuable added bonus of providing part of a building’s smoke ventilation system. 

Swegon's involvement in the Lydstep Flats project with its Naco product range, has enabled the flats to be equipped with a modern, responsive and reliable fire safety system.


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