10-year celebration of spectacular refurbishment

It has been a decade since the ground-breaking renovation project of 55 Baker Street in London, reinventing a 1950s office building into a contemporary urban hub of living, leisure, office and retail spaces. We worked on the project by supplying bespoke Air Diffusion diffusers.

The outcome of the refurbishment, still cutting-edge in design, demonstrates the diversity and capabilities of Air Diffusion products and services, and our overall involvement in the project.

BREEAM Accredited

We were honoured to supply a range of project tailored diffusers to the building – which has received an ‘Excellent’ BREEAM rating due to its capabilities in reducing solar gain and minimised energy use throughout.

Bespoke diamond design

A new layer of design was added to the frontages of the building to enhance and re-engage the building with the street. A diamond design was created on the façade out of glass and this shape was continued throughout the building to unify the whole redesign.

We were able to manufacture our Air Diffusion linear diffusers into a bespoke diamond shape by creating different lengths of blades. The fixed blade diffusers can be adapted to cater to a variety of applications; they can have curved sections, wrap around corners and come in modular or continuous lengths. The diffusers in 55 Baker Street have been manufactured as a statement piece to stand out and complement the interior design. The diamond shaped diffusers work harmoniously alongside the stunning diamond glass windows and diamond shaped floor panels.

Spectacular atrium

55 Baker Street now consists of a spectacular seven-storey atrium to welcome occupants and a vast amount of efficient and trendy office, residential and commercial space. At Swegon, we are thrilled to have been involved in the redevelopment of this distinctive building.

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