Who are Airfiltrera?

Swegon Air Management are combining our two filtration brands – Trion and Envirco – to form a single air filtration brand called Airfiltrera.

Trion provides electrostatic filters for commercial buildings including shopping centres, hotels, restaurants, and manufacturing facilities. Envirco designed and manufactured the world’s first commercial clean room more than half a century ago.

Envirco supplies fan filter units (FFU) for an increasingly diverse range of high tech clean rooms in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, medical device, automotive, aerospace and optical industries. Its MAC 10 units are ideal for soft and hard-wall, plenum design cleanrooms and LAF benches.

They can be used as part of a simple installation inside a custom-made clean bench or as a full ceiling FFU to help clean room designers meet tight specifications for the removal of contaminants. They are also ideal for use in applications where there is a need to manage the risk of infections as they capture and remove bacteria and mould spores.

Electrostatic Precipitator

Electrostatic Precipitator

Trion’s electrostatic precipitators draw air into the unit to capture particles, which then pass through an electrostatic field and receive an ionised charge. The charged particles move into a collector, where each alternate plate is charged with the same polarity as the particles. This drives the particles to the second set of plates where an opposite charge attracts and collects them. The cleaned air is then exhausted.

Unlike media air cleaners, which rely on replaceable filters that clog up when dirty, electrostatic precipitators contain permanent cells that can be washed manually or with an automatic wash system. You can find out more on Electrostatic Precipitators on Airfiltrera.co.uk

The Trion and Envirco products will be Airfiltrera’s lead product ranges, but Swegon Air Management are also looking to use the new brand as a basis to extend our product offering.


For more information call +44 (0) 1227 276100 or email sales@airfiltrera.co.uk