The Swegon CPD Programme

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a necessity in most construction jobs as it offers professionals the chance to stay up-to-date and competent in their role at work, to learn new things about their industry and to obtain new skills.

At Swegon, we have developed a range of quality CPD seminars for our clients and industry professionals, designed to inform, educate and pass on years of industry knowledge, experience and best practice.  Our CPD programme gives you the opportunity to speak directly to our subject matter experts and to initiate a rewarding longstanding relationship with us.

Our regional technical sales teams are able to visit your premises to conduct CPD seminars in person, and in 2018 we are also now offering these sessions remotely as live webinars.

No Smoke Without Fire

This seminar has been accredited by CIBSE and outlines the critical need to understand and comply with tested methods, such as CE marking and DW145 guidelines, when selecting, installing and using fire and fire/smoke dampers.

It will discuss current legislative requirements and explain the differences between fire, smoke and fire/smoke dampers. The seminar has been recognised for providing its attendees with a thorough understanding of fire dampers and the importance of adhering to regulations and standards.

The ‘Hole’ Truth

This CIBSE accredited seminar outlines the process of selecting, sizing and siting louvres, with emphasis on their performance within the overall building envelope.

This seminar will ensure that building designers are educated in selecting the right product to use in the right place, from the beginning of a project. The ‘Hole’ Truth will also provide attendees with an understanding of performance data and using it to aid the selection process of a louvre.

A Breath of Fresh Air

This seminar has been accredited by CIBSE. It outlines the importance of properly selecting an air distribution system for a particular space and its impact upon the comfort of end users and occupants.

Attendees will gain an understanding on the differences in room requirements and what products to use where, when and why. To have a thorough understanding of air distribution systems will aid the design of a particular project and ensure a building is equipped with adequate, controlled air movement that can cater to a variety of applications.

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