Swegon sponsor the RIBA Core CPD Programme

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has developed a CPD programme to provide a curriculum that caters to a changing world and the developing needs of architects and business people.

There are ten topics within the RIBA Core CPD Programme and these have been selected to provide attendees with all of their core curriculum needs. The various topics give attendees the opportunity to choose subjects that will strengthen their expertise and businesses, broaden and update their knowledge and acquire new skills and specialisms.

Swegon are designing for a changing population

This year, we are sponsoring one of these topics, entitled ‘Designing for a changing population’. The seminars will be held in various locations nationwide throughout 2018. Each will explore the role an architect plays in designing spaces that are increasingly more inclusive and sustainable, to adapt to our dramatically evolving demographic landscape.

Since 1975, the UK population has grown by 8.4 million. One implication that has come from this is that the number of UK residents aged 90 and over has almost tripled since the early 1980s. A changing population is causing society’s desires and needs to develop; regulations to change; and therefore, building designers are required to learn, adapt, and cater to these changes.

It is increasingly vital that people are at the heart of the architectural design process. Diversity and differences have to be considered. The ‘Designing for a changing population’ seminar will investigate these new challenges and how the design of buildings and environments is being influenced as a consequence.

Speakers Caroline Lewis and Carol Thomas both come from Access Design Solutions UK. Leaders in the development of access standards and providing inclusive design advice, their extensive experience in consultancy and training will provide attendees with critical advice on easing the building design and development process.

As manufacturers, this means we are constantly adapting, testing and improving our products – with life safety and accessibility in particular being at the forefront of our minds.

For more information on each seminar and how to book tickets, please follow the links for each date and location below:

25th January 2018 - 2pm-4:30pm – Birmingham

28th February 2018 – 2pm-4:30pm – Nottingham

27th March 2018 – 2pm-4:30pm - Reading

19th April 2018 – 2pm-4:30pm – Chelmsford

23rd May 2018 – 1:30pm-4pm – Manchester

7th June 2018 – 2pm-4:30pm – Gateshead

13th September 2018 – 10am-12:30pm – London

27th September 2018 – 2pm-4:30pm – Cambridge

3rd October 2018 – 2pm-4:30pm – Exeter

10th October 2018 – 2pm-4:30pm – Leeds

30th October 2018 – 6pm-8:30pm - London

7th November 2018 – 2pm-4:30pm - Bath

29th November 2018 – 2pm-4:30pm - Crawley