Swirl⁸ diffuser joins the Air Diffusion product range

We are continuing to expand our Air Diffusion product range, with the latest addition being the Swirl⁸ – an adjustable swirl supply air diffuser, suitable for mixed flow ventilation, supply and extract of air, and variable or constant volume systems. It can be commissioned for both horizontal and vertical distribution patterns.

The rotary swirl motion of the air supplied helps to rapidly induce room air and consequently decreases the velocity and temperature difference of the incoming supply air. This aids the creation of uniform air velocities and temperatures within the occupied zone.

High air change rates

The diffuser’s high induction rates allow for excellent mixing of air. The design of the Swirl⁸ and its resulting air pattern means that rates of up to 25+ air changes per hour can be achieved, with comfort levels still being maintained. This high performance is matched by an attractive appearance, as with the rest of the Air Diffusion product range.

Pairing of Swirl8.png

Plenums for high performance

Matched plenum boxes are available to be fitted to the diffuser, which ensure optimum performance from the diffuser, with the option of a cord operated or manual quadrant damper. The border options available for the fitting of this diffuser make it an incredibly versatile choice for a range of ceiling applications.

Versatile design

The flexibility of the Swirl⁸ makes it an even more desirable diffuser for a designer or consultant. Aesthetically, the diffuser can be manufactured in either a square or circular format, the face plates are available in a wide variety of RAL colours and the blades are available in black or white. This gives the designer the option to turn a diffuser into a feature that complements or enhances an interior. Functionally, the diffuser is suitable for variable or constant volume, giving the end-user the decision to choose how the air should be distributed in the particular space.

We are once again pleased to bring another product into the Air Diffusion range and the Swirl⁸ is an excellent option if you are looking for a versatile diffuser, both in appearance and performance.

The Ceiling Collection range of diffusers have been innovatively designed with a Quick Access tool to simplify installation and maintenance.