Low velocity, compact and adjustable DRG diffuser now available

The latest Swegon diffuser to join the Air Diffusion family is the DRG – an adjustable, small and low velocity diffuser that is well-designed to blend in with the interior design of a room.

The DRG has a rectangular terminal specifically designed for small airflows, with the air being supplied to the room at low velocity. It consists of two parts - a front plate and a mounting frame. The perforated front plate has aerodynamically shaped discs that can rotate, allowing the spread pattern of air to be easily adjusted. This function assists the end user by being able to cater to the specific distribution needs of the space.

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 09.17.29.png

Perfect choice for the cinema

The diffuser is suitable for a space which has the capability for many small units to be spread out; enabling the best possible distribution of air. Thus, a common place for the DRG units to be mounted is under the seats in theatres, cinemas, lecture halls etc.

Unobtrusive design

Due to the subtle appearance of the DRG and its discreet installation capabilities, the air diffusers are able to complement the aesthetic design of most rooms. Air Diffusion believes that air diffusers can be both functional in performance and appearance. They should be able to blend into the décor whilst still providing a fresh, energising indoor climate.

With the addition of the DRG, Air Diffusion continues to prove that air diffusers can be used in a variety of environments and spaces, offering products that don’t disturb us in our daily life.

For more information on the DRG and the rest of the Air Diffusion range, please visit our website here, get in touch with our Sales Office by emailing sales@air-diffusion.co.uk, or give us a call on 01746 761921 and we would be happy to answer any of your questions.