Smart CEILING Collection saves time

The CEILING Collection (CC) is the latest group of diffusers to join the Air Diffusion product range. This collection of modular ceiling diffusers includes 5 different diffusers: SWIFT; LOCKZONE; COLIBRI; EAGLE, and for extract purposes; the PELICAN High Flow. These diffusers have been designed with all parties in mind, to be as cost-effective as possible and to ensure that from installer to end user, the diffusers are as simple as possible to install and maintain.

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High performing

The CC range has been designed to achieve a high level of performance. The 5 different faceplates available cater to a variety of applications. Their design has taken into consideration the installation process, ensuring this as seamless a task as possible.

Easy installation and replacement

All diffuser faceplates are manufactured with hinges that clip smoothly into the backing box and holds the diffuser face securely to the box. The face can be easily unhinged with a Quick Access card to enable installers or maintenance personnel to access inside the ductwork when necessary. The hinges also allow for the faceplate to stay attached to the backing box on the hinged side. This means that the operator does not have to fully remove the faceplate - convenient when standing on a ladder!

The faceplates are so simple to use and handle, that they can be replaced and changed easily and regularly, depending on the building owner’s and end users' requirements - an installer’s dream! Only one person is required for the replacement job, saving both time and money for everyone involved in the process.

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Multidirectional commissioning

The ALS Commissioning Box has a unique design for the CC range, to further make installation as simple as possible. The box has been designed to allow true 360°C rotation so that the box can be fitted to the diffuser from any direction – making the most of increasingly small and complex ceiling voids. This makes both the ALS and the diffusers easy to manoeuvre and able to be fitted in a large range of ceiling types and sizes, increasing the scope for installation possibilities and keeping the installer’s job simple and quick.

It is clear that the CEILING Collection is an excellent range to choose. The high-quality diffusers have a simple design and installation, guaranteed from start to finish.