CEILING Collection for optimum comfort

The CEILING Collection (CC) is the latest group of diffusers to join the Air Diffusion product range. This collection of modular ceiling diffusers includes 5 different diffusers: SWIFT; LOCKZONE; COLIBRI; EAGLE, and for extract purposes; the PELICAN High Flow. These diffusers have been designed with all parties in mind, to ensure that from installer to end user, every individual can achieve optimum comfort.

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The CC range has been designed to maintain a high level of performance that ensures a comfortable environment for a building’s occupants. There are a variety of slot and spread patterns available depending on the diffuser selected. The disc diffusers, in particular, allow for the most flexible spread pattern. The positioning and direction of the discs can be easily changed to cater to the occupants needs; the discs rotate to change the spread pattern easily without affecting air flow, pressure drop or sound level. This keeps a consistent level of air distribution with minimal sound – something which often leads to system imbalance and performance issues later on in a building’s lifecycle.

Large temperature differences

The faceplates have also been designed in a way that means the diffusers can handle larger temperature differences. This is most evident in the LOCKZONE and COLIBRI, with their swirled shape and slot positions allowing for a large range of air temperatures to pass through, whilst maintaining an even distribution of air into a space resulting in optimum air quality.

EAGLE Ceiling 2.jpg


Our ALS commissioning box not only makes for easy commissioning, but also helps to improve the indoor environment and comfort and well-being of a building’s occupants. Internally, the ALS box is perforated to reduce the level of sound generated in the ductwork, which makes the diffusers even quieter – an ideal choice for an office or conference room where disturbances need to be kept at a minimum.

It is clear that the CEILING Collection is an excellent range to choose. The high-quality diffusers improve occupant comfort and indoor environmental quality with their smart design.