CE compliant Installation methods for dampers

Actionair have released a new, easy to use guide detailing its range of CE mark compliant installation methods for their Fire & Fire/Smoke damper products.

This updated installation manual has been compiled following Actionair’s continuous and extensive performance and fire resistance damper testing program, and is designed to clarify approved CE compliant installation methods for its range of ‘ES’ classified, Smoke Shield PTC and CSS dampers and ‘E’ classified Fire Shield dampers. Designed specifically for ductwork and fire stopping contractors, this concise guide will ensure installers have the very latest knowledge to help them complete a CE compliant installation.

As well as clear installation instructions (including 3D diagrams), the manual provides guidance on current UK Building regulations & European Fire damper standards, CE marking and third party certification. The guide also contains useful information regarding regular testing, inspection and periodic maintenance in accordance with EN15650, Approved document B (ADB) & BS9999 for fire and smoke dampers.


Actionair CE Marked Fire & Fire/Smoke Damper Installation Method

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