Ruskin has launched a new natural ventilation brand called Airolution.

The snap-lock system breakdown.

The snap-lock system breakdown.

Airolution provides complete natural ventilation solutions for commercial buildings, including system design, supply of equipment, controls, installation, commissioning and a 12 month health check to make sure the project is working as designed. 

Ruskin has been developing Airolution for a number of years in response to growing demand from clients for buildings that provide a high standard of indoor air quality with low running costs, reduced emissions and fuel consumption. 

The Ruskin snap-lock system will allow the customer to install the frame of the unit at an early stage during a build to weather-tight the building quickly and then supply the rest of the product when required onsite stopping any dust and particles getting into the working components.

The sleeve comprises of 3 components an External Sleeve, a Thermal Break Gasket and an Internal Sleeve.

It is designed to suit both Cavity Wall and Glazing System installations, has an easy install and maintenance rail system and can be made in a variety of colours. 

“This is one of the many differences with Airolution. It enables Ruskin to take full responsibility for the system from initial design to commissioning, handover and ongoing operation.”


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