Actionair release Centaur Retrofit kit.

The Centaur retrofit kit is designed for facilitate the use of the current generation range of modes on SmokeShield and VentShield dampers manufactured prior to May 1999. It achieves this by converting the rotary operation of the current modes into the linear action required by these dampers.

Due to the older mode being a more powerful linear spring release, a torque test needs to be carried out to check the suitability of your dampers for this upgrade. This is carried out by substituting the Centaur for the current mode to enable a torque test to be carried out of its opening and closing operation to ensure that the torque requirement falls below 12Nm.

If the damper falls outside this parameter it may be due to a very stiff blade operation. In this case then maintenance of the damper may be required after which a repeat torque test should be carried out. It should be noted that this upgrade will not be suitable for dampers that have had this maintenance carried out and still fail the torque. In these cases the mode should be replaced with a replacement old style mode or the entire damper be replaced with a new SmokeShieldTM or VentShield PTCTM.

It should be noted the there is a limited supply of the old style mode available and once current stocks have been depleted they will become obsolete and no longer be available.

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