Naco louvres 'fly through' BRE test

Naco’s 75 series of external weather resistant louvres have passed a tough impact test with flying colours.

The UK manufactured metal louvre systems were subjected to impact testing carried out by the BRE involving two different types of mesh – for bird and fly protection – to the stringent standards set by BS EN 13049:2003 ‘Windows — Soft and heavy body impact — Test method, safety requirements and classification’. 


The 75mm pitch louvres can be supplied as a complete panellised system or in a linear arrangement for assembly on site. They are built from extruded aluminium and, in the panellised version, each panel is individually screwed to the frame for additional security.

Available in a range of colours and finishes, Naco louvres can be used as part of a bespoke architectural feature, which also performs a highly practical and important ventilation role.

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 09.54.42.png

Robust design

BRE performed impact tests to BS EN 13049 on two specimens supplied by Swegon Air Management Engineering Manager, Steve Gore, with the focus on the centre of the rear face of each louvre, which is defined by the standard as ‘the most dangerous impact point to strike’.

The tests demonstrate that it is possible to have a finished product that looks good, but is also capable of withstanding the worst that the external conditions can throw at it.
— Steve Gore, Engineering Manager

The BRE test lab used a 50kg dual tyre impactor and delivered a Class 5 impact from a drop height of 950 mm. In order to pass this test, the openings had to prevent the impactor passing through and the louvres had to withstand the impact without any casement or sash detaching or moving out of position. The hardware had to remain connected and all component parts unbroken or shattered. Any dislodged part could not be bigger than 50g.

“We were delighted that our louvres passed the test,” said Steve. “It is great to have independent, third party verification of the high build quality of our louvres with the BRE confirming the robustness of our design.”

He added that the ability to withstand this level of impact is a standard feature of Naco louvres so all customers benefit from this build quality at no additional cost.