Actionair extend it's range of CE marked products

Actionair, a brand of Ruskin Air Management, has extended its range of CE marked products by completing the relevant fire damper testing and accreditation for its range of Fire Shield fire dampers.

Fire Shield dampers are installed using Rockwool ablative coated batt penetration seal system, making it easier for ductwork contractors and fire stopping contractors to achieve a CE compliant installation.

Fire Shield dampers are manufactured by Actionair for air conditioning and ventilation systems that need up to two hours’ fire protection. They can be installed in standard square, rectangular and circular spiral duct systems where the duct passes through fire rated walls.

Fire Shield dampers are E rated when tested to the European standard EN 1366-2 and are manufactured to BS EN 1506. They come complete with a tested flange system to speed up installation and are available in millimetre increments up to 1,250mm x 1,000mm or up to 1,000mm diameter, suitable for insulated or non-insulated ductwork.

These CE marked curtain bladed dampers are equipped with a fail-safe spring closing and thermal release, cassette mechanism. This unique self-latching, removable release mechanism cassette is patented and tested to ISO 10294-4. It gives single handed reset operation, a distinct benefit over the traditional chain and bar thermal links, especially where access is problematic. The cassette is corrosion resistant and includes a memory metal coil that activates at approximately 72°C.

Fire Shield dampers are suitable for use in HEVAC systems with low to medium pressures and velocities.

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