CIBSE YEN Winner - Update from Orlando


The day started off with registration after which I sat in on the YEA (Young Engineers ASHRAE) committee meeting with YEA representatives from all around the world. Within a few hours I realised how coordinated YEA is and the differences in meeting etiquette from YEN back in the UK. During the committee meeting I was “given the floor” to talk about myself and to add any words on behalf of CIBSE. Overall attendance at the meeting was very useful as it gave me an insight as to how YEA operates and some of the achievements that they have accomplished over the last few years.

I then proceeded to attend the student orientation where hundreds of college students from across the country come to network and gain valuable insight in the industries they hope to work after graduation. This was followed by a mixer / icebreaker of human bingo to get everyone talking and I met some of the young professionals in the industry as well as college students who will become the engineers in the future of the American construction industry.

A formal welcome ceremony then followed with key speeches by the ASHRAE president and the key note speak was done by Laura Schwartz who was previously a white house director of events for the Clinton administration. She gave a stunning and inspirational speech to a packed audience.

The Welcome Party then followed with dinner, drinks and networking at a large hall in the famous Seaworld Orlando. A unique concept included some of the local residents making an appearance including a sloth, an owl and others. With this the first day came to exciting end and I eagerly look forward to whats in store over the coming days.

     - Ryan Roling Rodrigues (@RyanRRodrigues)


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