2nd Edition - September 2015 - of the Ruskin Journal released.


Everyone at the company was delighted with the response to our first issue, which was a genuine attempt to provide you with something a bit more interesting than the usual run of the mill company newsletter.

Of course, if you set the bar high you have to try and clear it again at your next attempt – so here we are gathering another batch of stories from across our great industry to whet your appetite for what is proving to be an exciting year.

We are very grateful to our two high profile guest columnists: Nick Mead is the new President of CIBSE and talks passionately in his column about the need for collaboration across the sector to improve the long-term performance of buildings and Debbie Eales, editor of BSEE magazine, gives a highly entertaining account of her first year in the industry and focuses on the challenge posed by skills shortages.

Natural ventilation is another key topic. We consider all the options available to system designers and look at why this approach has not always been successful in the UK – and how to put that right. This is also an important business area for Ruskin and we are putting considerable investment – both financial and human – into our Airolution packages, which you can read about on page 8.

The RAM Journal also has an exclusive interview with a hugely impressive young engineer from the world famous Delft Technical University in Holland. Charlaine Hendriksen has a degree in Industrial Design Engineering and is now working towards her Masters qualification in Integrated Product Design. She has chosen ventilation grilles for luxury hotels as her project; so is working closely with our manufacturing team in Whitstable on prototype designs for products that will suit the look and feel of ‘high end’ bedrooms – see page 7.

However, it is the CIBSE President’s theme of collaboration that underpins everything in this edition. At Ruskin, we are firm believers in the power of teamwork and the need to understand everyone’s role within a supply chain. Our approach to natural ventilation typifies that spirit because we recognise that different priorities apply at the various stages of a project and we need to bring our expertise to bear in a way that suits our supply chain partners. With that in mind, I welcome you to this second edition of the RAM Journal and look forward to receiving your feedback and to working with you closely in the months ahead.


- Charles Shillitoe.