Actionpac EMS and EMB updates this week.

In addition to the selection guide for dampers (link to that guide at the footer of this page too). Actionair are also pleased to showcase the latest updates and revisions to the EMS and EMB products. 

Key product features are listed and links to download the latest materials below.


The range of Actionpac Electro-Mechanical Standard (EMS) control panels are designed for the control and monitoring of either Mode 5 (24V) or Mode 6 (230V) PTC damper actuators in groups of 15 or 30. 

  • Standard Modular Design.
  • Simple Smoke/Fire damper control and monitoring
  • Standard Zonal control
  • Individual monitoring of reset and release status

STOCK ITEM: Two Versions (Mode 5 and Mode 6) available in two sizes (EMS15 and EMS30)


The Actionpac EMB Control System, consists of a number of smoke/fire dampers hard wired individually or in groups to a central control panel. The panel utilises relay logic and LED indication of damper status.

  • Purposely manufactured for any particular project to suit specific requirements.

  • Individually or collectively control/monitoring of dampers.
  • Wall mounted enclosures.

Specialist panels available - Fan control panel, Fireman's control panel, Mimic panel, Fire damper monitor panel.


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