We'd like to put an idea into your head - CPDs.

Being a market leading manufacturer within the building services industry from Natural Ventilation equipment to fire safety products such as smoke and fire dampers we should be in a position where our knowledge should be at the cutting edge from what is happening within legalisation, product design and the application of these products. 

We know it is impossible for our customers to be experts in all aspects of the industry, that’s why we put a set of CPD seminars together to pass on the knowledge we have. 

We feel passionately about what a CPD seminar should be about; it’s not about promoting the products you offer, it’s not a sales presentation. It’s there to educate our clients about the part of the industry we are experts in, so they can make better informed decisions. 

We have taken the four brands within Ruskin Air Management and created four seminars for the market place these comprise of: 

CPD ONE. Louvre selection and Design – Naco 

This is to give a better understanding of what is often considered to be a low tech product but one which can have a major impact on internal comfort, cost of maintaining and lifespan of the building. How to and the increasing importance of, specifying that product correctly such that the specifier gets the right product in the right place. The CPD will demonstrate the methodologies for correct louvre sizing. 

CPD TWO. Air Distribution Technology – Air Diffusion 

This is based on giving everybody an understanding of how the air distribution affects the individuals within the room and how it works and what are the comfort requirements and classic pitfalls to miss. 

CPD THREE. Playing with Fire – Actionair 

Our presentation will explain the requirements of CE markings, how it has affected the testing and installation of smoke and fire dampers, the implications on the whole design to install process, and a practical look at what needs to be done on site to ensure a legally complaint installation. The key is to understand your legal responsibility. 

CPD FOUR. Natural Selection – Airolution 

This outlines the process aimed at selecting the most appropriate ventilation strategy for a building, concentrating on natural ventilation solutions. It works well if the right solution is used for the right application. 

No matter where you are within the construction process we have set these seminars so they can be informative and changed them slightly to make them as relevant as possible to your area. 

David Fitzpatrick, Sales and Marketing Director commented that “We really want to pass on our knowledge to the industry, as market leaders, we should know what we are talking about and the CPD seminar is an excellent way of doing this, we feel these should not be product sales presentation but a knowledge based presentation selling our expertise, we feel two heads are better than one so use ours as it's free."

Request a copy of our CPD information wallet that gives you all the course overview for each CPD. 

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