Natural Ventilation can raise productivity.

Poor indoor air quality in a building will impact on the health and concentration levels of its occupants. High C02 concentrations and poor daylight distribution will reduce output in the workplace.

Ventilation is a vital part of maintaining a buildings indoor air quality, Ruskin’s new Airolution systems are designed with this in mind providing the correct levels of ventilation to suit any application.

Airolution offers five distinct systems based on type of building and user requirements: Aura; Mood; Spirit; Sense; and Status. Airolution is different to anything currently available on the market because every component of the system is tested together to ensure the final system meets the design brief and aspirations of the building owner and operator. It is then delivered to site, installed, tested and commissioned before handing over to the building’s operating team. In 12 months Ruskin will then come back a check the system is still working as designed.

“Building ventilation systems should be able to meet the basic brief of reducing overheating and maintaining good IAQ all year round in every type of commercial building without increasing operating and capital costs – or driving up carbon emissions,” said Ruskin sales and marketing director David Fitzpatrick.

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Airolution 'systems'

Airolution 'systems'