Presidents call for more collaboration

The presidents of CIBSE, B&ES and RIBA have joined forces to call for more collaboration between members of the construction supply chain.

(L-R)  David Fitzpatrick (Ruskin), Andy Sneyd (B&ES), Stephen Hodder (RIBA), Nick Mead (CIBSE)

(L-R) David Fitzpatrick (Ruskin), Andy Sneyd (B&ES), Stephen Hodder (RIBA), Nick Mead (CIBSE)

In an event organised by the CIBSE patrons, presidents Nick Mead (CIBSE), Andy Sneyd (B&ES) and Stephen Hodder (RIBA) met to urge professional institutions and trade associations to lead a campaign for better communication and integration in project teams. The discussion was chaired by Ruskin Air Management sales/marketing director David Fitzpatrick, the chair of CIBSE Patrons. 

Nick Mead said that the industry needed ‘genuine collaboration to achieve energy reduction in the built environment’. He said it was not possible for CIBSE members to deliver better building performance on their own. ‘We need to work with others…and the building needs to work as a complete system not a collection of products.’

Andy Sneyd said that if the industry did not start to collaborate more successfully, then others would come in ‘to take our place’.

He called for the industry to embrace the digital revolution to help deliver more collaborative working, but not to lose its ‘gut instinct’ for making good engineering decisions.

However, there remains a huge misconception about what collaboration actually means, according to Stephen Hodder. ‘This is not just about sharing knowledge; it’s about a whole new culture.’

He said the instinct for working with other professions should be instilled in young architects during their education process, but currently ‘silo working’ was still the norm.

A fuller version of their discussion will be published in the July issue of CIBSE Journal.