The Future City - RIBA

Ruskin Air Management sponsored the 'Future Cities' event held in the practice space.


Imagining the city of the future has long been a source of fascination for architects, artists, and designers. Through drawings, maps and film, urban futures have been depicted in many ways - from tranquil green utopias and great domed constructions to vast, inter connected mega-structures and machines.

Cities, once perceived as a problem, are now recognised as the heart of the country’s social, cultural and economic life. By 2065 the UK population may rise by 25% to as much as 80.5 million making it one of the EU’s most populous countries. This will create many challenges for cities. But there is a great opportunity for them to evolve and reinvent themselves, fostering a better quality of life for their inhabitants.

What do changing technologies, demographics and lifestyles mean for our cities? How can emerging tools help future proof cities and their citizens? What might your city look like in 2065?