Free guide to supply terminals.

Being a market leading manufacturer within the building services industry in air distribution products we should be in a position where our knowledge should be at the cutting edge, from what is happening within product design to the application of these products.

We know it is impossible for our customers to be experts in all aspects of the industry, which is why we have produced a new training booklet to share the knowledge that we have.

The booklet is intended as a guide for designers, sales professionals, consultants and engineers who are investigating suitable air distribution methods within a given space.

This booklet includes everything you need to know from common terminology through to how to select your product to ensure it is correct for your application.

Each page will detail a different scenario of a typical location for an air terminal device. Scenarios include;

·      A ceiling mounted product with horizontal air distribution.

·      A cill mounted product.

·      A sidewall mounted product with confined air distribution.

·      Floor Mounted air distribution

There will also be a table indicating the suitable air terminal devices for the application and the relevant Ruskin Air Management Air Diffusion products that apply.

Along with this each scenario indicates the direction of airflow achieved in that location.

Kevin Munson, Managing Director at Ruskin commented that “We really want to pass our knowledge on to the industry, creating this guide is the one of many ways in which we will to do this. We believe 2 heads are better than 1, use ours, it's free.”

Authored by our experts, this guide will help you understand your options and it’s completely free.

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